Adding idle animation and using Mixamo.

Kinga Osińska
3 min readJul 27, 2021

Today I will show you how to add an idle animation to your character by using animation from Mixamo. Mixamo is a website with a lot of free animations that you can use in your game. The only requirement for using Mixamo is making sure that the character you want to use these animations on (or any animations on your character) is pre-rigged. Also you need to create an account.

After you create an account and log in on Mixamo, search for idle animation you like. My character is a ninja so I chose a Ninja Idle animation.

Click on the download button. Chose Format FBX for Unity and click Download.

The animation should download automaticaly. Drag it to your project. Create a new folder called Animations and drag the file to this folder. To make the animation work on your character it needs to be set to Humanoid. Click on the fbx file, go to Rig and change Animation Type from Generic to Humanoid. Click Apply.

If you check the animastion file you will notice that all the available options like for example looping, are greyed out. To change that we need to make a copy of the animation. To do this, just click on the animation and press Control + D. Change the name to Idle. Delete the fbx file.

Create an Animator Controller and call it Player_Animator_Controller. Assign it in the character Animator component.

Double-click on the Animator Controller. It will open the Animator view. This is the place where we hold all the animations clip that you character can use.

Drag the Idle animation inside the Animator view. By default the animation will become the default animation, the first animation that is played after starting the game.

One last thing we need to do is loop the animation. Click on the animation file in the Project tab and set the Loop Time to true.