Benefits of Prototyping without Assets

Kinga Osińska
2 min readApr 15, 2021

When you are making a game, you want it to look good. Everybody does. It’s normal. Making your game look good is very important. But what is more important is WHEN you are supposed to think about it.

It’s a mistake most of the new game developers do. You start some project, have some ideas, and then you start looking for assets you like. Don’t do it. You will spend so much time deciding what assets you want to use. When you start making a game, it doesn’t matter how it looks. You will waste your time making a beautiful scene, but what’s the point if you start your game and nothing happens.

Focus on game mechanics! Use Unity’s built-in asset to create a simple scene and make a prototype of your game. Only then, look for the assets you want to use. Otherwise, you first spend so much time on finding perfect assets, and then something changes, and those assets are no longer what you need. And again, you need to look for some assets you like and wasting time you could spend making your game better.