Composing A Scene in Unity for Cutscenes using Cinemachine

Kinga Osińska
2 min readJun 10, 2021


Today, i will show you how to use Cinemachine to create a cutscene.

Cinemachine is a very powerful tool that allows you dynamically control the camera to compose the shots. With Cinemachine you can easily track targets, compose, blend, and cut between shots, and it works really well with Timeline.

To use Cinemachine you need to go to Window -> Package Manager and download and import the Cinamechine package.

In the project you can find a pdf file that will tell us how the cutscene should look like. The first shot is supposed to be shot behind Darren. And this is where our first virtual camera should be. The next shot will be on the other side of the guard.

Go to your scene tab and align the view with what you want to scene in your first shot of the cutscene.

No go to your Hierarchy and click on the right mouse button and go to Cinemachine ->Virtual camera. The camera will be created in the same position and facing the same way as in the scene tab.

Let’s do the second shot.

In the next article I will show you how to use a Dolly Track in Unity.