How to use a Dolly Track in Unity

Today, I will show you how to use Dolly Track feature of Cinemachine for creating a path for the camera that will allow us track an object or move whit it.

To create a Dolly Track go to GameObject -> Cinemachine ->Dolly Track with Cart.

It will create a Dolly track and a Dolly Cart.

We want to move camera from left to right, behind the guard,

Now we need to do the same thing using waypoints in the Dolly Track. Add waypoint and click on them to move them, the same way like with other GameObjects.

To add waypoint, click on the plus sign

Now we need to add camera to the track. Click on the camera that you want to use for this shot, go to Body and change Transporter to Tracked Dolly. Add the Dolly Track you made as a path. Change the path offset to about 4. The only thing left is to make the camera look at Daren. To do that find Darren GameObject in the Hierarchy and drag it to the Look At in your virtual camera.

Now, when you change the value on the Path Position in your virtual camera, you can see you camera going along the track and tracking Darren.